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Warpigsinfin: March 11, 2010 Uphill: 7,800 ft. | Downhill: 7,800 ft.

Yesterday I got to accompany the first female snowboarder to ride the Grand Teton. It was a great, memorable, exhausting day. Conditions? INTERESTING.

We left at 2 am under a starry, windless sky. It felt colder than expected, which relieved my fears falling objects but worried me the crust wouldn't soften that day.

A dusting made the crusty skin track doable. We booted the steeper sections to save time and effort. Our two-day-old booter made Meadows to Stettner easy.

The technical climbing offered firm snow... only two vertical ice bulges, one of which was tricky but easy pro. We improved the old rap anchors.

Up Ford to Summit was boot to knee deep sugar under a thin crust with a few inches of fresh on top.

Low clouds. Gusty winds ~10-30 mph. Blue above...

Skiing? Summit to Chevy: 2" on breakable crust. Chevy to TeePee: five rappels and good windbuff. TeePee to 8000': POW in perma-shade, dust on crust elsewhere. 8000' to Floor: death cookies and shit crust

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