Powder Hound Welcome to Winter Party and After Party | UNITED STATES, OREGON | 11/07/2009, by awesomepatrol

Come celebrate the Powderhound Preview / Welcome to Winter Party, November 18 at the Tower Theater in Bend, Oregon. The Powderhound will showcase home grown local ski films and slideshows to get you pumped for winter. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Pine Mountain Sports. All proceeds go to benefit Search and Rescue and C.O.T.A.

Then after the Powderhound finishes up, Skiing the Backcountry will be hosting the Powder Hound Afterparty at the Summit Saloon. All Ninkasi Beer proceeds will also go to benefit Search and Rescue and C.O.T.A. There is no admission fee and we will go to close. There will be prizes, shot skis, powderhound videos on the big screens, and most importantly lots of Ninkasi Beer!!

Don't miss the Powderhound and Powderhound After Party! What better way to usher in the ski season!

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Freeheelgirl wrote on 11/18/09 at 10:10:15 am pst:

Have fun, STB!! Wish we could be there! -the SnowNinjas

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